Top 10 Best Compound Bows Under $500 in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

Bows are used in the sport of archery. The compound bows have replaced traditional bows which are highly engineered with modern materials. Traditional bows can be said as beautiful artworks but they are not matched with the compound bows.

Difference between traditional and compound bows

All the bows use the mechanical energy applied to the limbs when the bow is drawn which makes the arrow to shoot faster than throwing an arrow. Traditional bows work in such a way that the harder the pull is the faster the arrow will travel. So it is hard to draw the 70lbs near the ears which means that the archer is resting 70lbs between his hands. This has changed in compound bows which contains big wheels at its ends so that the weight is let off which means for 70lbs, the archer needs to hold only 20lbs thereby making the archer to hold it longer and take careful aim and shoot.

The various parts of a compound bow are:

Riser – this is the bow’s chassis.
Limbs – This part is used store and release energy.
Cams – These are wheels that allow the archer to adjust the bow.
Bowstring – Pull it to adjust the other parts and release it to shoot the arrow.

In this article, let’s review the top 10 best compound bows that are priced under $500 in 2024

1. Genesis Original Bow

Genesis Original is pretty and is fully aluminium which makes it lightweight but sturdy. The bowstrings are sure to last longer as they are very smooth and wonderful. One important thing to be noticed about Genesis Original Bow is that it does not have a fixed draw length. The reason behind this feature is that this bow can be shared among friends and family. A person can shoot and quickly hand it over to his friend or family member of different height with zero adjustments. This is a big plus for Genesis in terms of its adaptability and comfort. The Original bow is very easy to use. The only time it takes is to unbox the equipment from its pack and once it is done, it is all good to go. The archer needs to know how to use the bow before starting to use it and even a novice user can get the hold of using Genesis Original bow within few attempts.

Thus, genesis Original compound bow is recommended for beginners and is easy to use and available for a cheaper price.

2. SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30’’ Compound bow

Once an archer is aware of the usage of compound bows, then he/she can opt for this SAS Rage compound bow which will allow the archer to customize the equipment in various modes that can be used in the archery field. SAS Rage is one of the simplest bows in its design and construction. It was mainly designed for hunting rather than archery. The bow is developed with only one intention: allow the user to customize the bow in their own way of taste and preference.

The manufacturer believes that they have given the base tool and it is in the creativity of the user to unfold the bow’s full capability and functionality.

The bow comes with fiberglass limbs which are durable and can withstand an unlimited number of shots. The riser is made of aluminum making it lightweight and making a smooth base in which the arrows are rested and provide clear aim and best shot for the archer. The bow comes with the camouflaged design because as mentioned before it was originally designed for use in hunting and this design would match that of the forest surroundings. The range consists of two cams to give the user to make a comfortable draw.

  • Suitable for hunting.
  • Lightest compound bow
  • Ideal for all genders
  • Vibration-free and quiet
  • Works well when used with aluminum or carbon arrows.
  • No accessories included with the equipment.

3. Compound Bow Package, M1,19”-30” Draw Length,19-70Lbs Draw Weight,320fps IBO

Top point archery is the manufacturer of this M1 compound bow package and this package contains a lot of accessories attached with it.

The package contains various components such as M1 compound bow, arrow quiver, bowstring wax, bow stand, limb dampers, bow release, rubber stabilizers, brush arrow rest, d-loop assembly, carbon arrows. The package comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty and with all these components, it is available at the cheaper price. The riser is laser cut which makes it strong. The cams are easy to adjust even kids can adjust it in 2 minutes. The bow is light and compact and the additional accessories provided are good for the money paid. The durability of the bow depends on how well the archer maintains it.

4. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

Diamond archery infinite edge bow are manufactured by Bowtech, one of the famous bow manufacturers in the world. This bow is specially designed for beginners, kids, and females. The reason is that it has a wide variety of adjustable settings which is important while teaching kids and ladies. A typical Diamond Infinite Edge bow pack will contain the following items- Diamond bow, peep sight, D-loop, warranty card, user manual, arrow quiver, arrow rest. The bow has dual cams which are elliptical and smooth. The cable is also very smooth and is the perfect fit for beginner archers. The draw length can vary between 13” and 30” whereas the draw weight can range between 5 and 70 lbs. The shooting IBO speed of the bow is 310 fps. The FPS is not important during the early stages of archery and thus it need not be considered as a major feature. As the bow is designed only for beginners, it is lightweight in nature and comfortable to shoot. There is no noise or vibrations present in the bow because it may increase the weight. There is a string stopper in-built which will protect the bowstring from vibration once it is released. There is also zero-hand shock which is quite amazing. Normally archers feel a light vibration or shock in their hands after shooting the arrow but this bow does not pass shock or vibration and the reason being it is designed for kids and ladies.

The main purpose of designing this bow is for practicing and to have fun. This is not suitable for hunting but it can be used if the settings of this bow are mastered by the archer.

5. iGlow 55 lb Black / Sliver / Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow 175 150 80 50 40 lbs Crossbow

iGlo archery hunting compound bow is a simple and elegant equipment that can be used by archers of all ages and all categories. The bow is lightweight ranging around 40 to 55 lbs which are adjustable as per the user. Since it is weightless, the speed is reduced up to 220 FPS. The draw length of the bow can range between 27” to 29” and The total length of the bow is 41”. The body of the bow is made of aluminum alloy and consists of fiberglass bottom for added comfort. Carbon arrows are recommended to use with this product. This is the best option to buy and give to a kid who is in his early stages of learning archery. The problem is that the package does not have a user manual so one has to depend on google to set the bow and use it. The pros are that this is one of the inexpensive compound bow available in the market with excellent structure and design and better performance.

6. iGlow 30-55 lbs Black / Green / Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow 175 150 70 55 40 30 lb Crossbow

This iGlo version of archery hunting compound bow is the updated version of the previously discussed bow. The changes that are done to this bow are it can hold to the speed of 295 FPS with its draw weight up to 30 – 55 lbs. Draw length ranges between 19” – 29”. The chassis is made of aluminum making it lightweight and contains fiberglass limbs for added comfort. Carbon arrows are the best fit for this type of compound bows. This bow is smaller than any other available compound bows and its performance is better and is worth the $xxx spent on it. It is a good bow for starters and is mainly used for hunting. The pack contains an arrow rest but arrows should be bought separately.

7. SAS Scorpii 55 Lb 29″ Compound Bow

The important specialty about the Southland Archery Supplies (SAS) Scorpii compound bow is that it has compressed ABS Limbs for the bow that keeps the bow away from damage for a long time. The draw length is adjustable between 19” to 29”. The speed of the bow is maintained at 260 feet per second. It can be used both for hunting and archery. The draw weight can be adjusted from 30 to 55 lbs. The bow is weightless weighing only 3 lbs. It is compact and small in size hence can be used for bow fishing as well. This bow is the perfect fit for starters but this is not suitable for users with long arms.

8. Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow 50-70lbs 25″ – 31″ with Max Speed 310fps

This compound bow from Leader Accessories has draw weight between 50 to 70 lbs. The draw length is adjustable between 25” – 31”. The shooting speed is staggering with 310 FPS. The body has the aluminium riser and carbon and aluminium arrows are recommended for this compound bow. The pack also comes with peep sight and arrow rest though they can be bought separately as per the user needs. The draw length is very easy to adjust that novice users can also do it by just seeing the videos on the internet. It is as simple as removing screws and tightening them back. The bow is quiet without noise or vibrations, smooth and performs well.

9. High Five Scorcher Compound Bow Set 555

The design of the Scorcher compound bow is stunning that it makes anyone have a look at it. This bow is released for people aged 10 and above only. It has two-piece spider quiver with the draw weight of 16-30 pounds and draws length of 28.5”. It has adjustable aluminum cams. The sight is fiber optic and the sight needs to be changed if there is the change in the draw weight or draw length. There is a rubber stopper in the string. There are three finger rolls attached to the bow which can be used if the user does not want to take the trigger releases. This bow can also be used for bow fishing. It is compact and provides easy maneuvering. The accessories needed can be easily mounted on the bow and it is durable and fun to play.

10. Diamond Archery 2021 Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Package | 15-30″ Draw Length | 7-70 lb Adjustable Weight | Perfect for Hunting | Comes in Black & Breakup Country | Available in Right & Left Hand

As mentioned above, Diamond archery has a special place in the design of compound bows and the cutting-edge design of SB-1 bow is a masterpiece from the manufacturer. The bow satisfies all the requirements of an archer by being durable, versatile, and adjustable. It is applicable to all archers of all categories from novice to experts. The draw length can reach up to 15” which allows any archer to use the bow. The new Certified Bowtech Synchronized Binary System is the one that powers the accuracy behind the working of the bow. The 63 lbs of limb adjustment are present and EZ adjustment system makes the limb adjusts properly. The bow is lightweight and does not have much recoil. The limbs are plastic and at times they can cause problems which can be easily fixed. This bow is not only for beginners but suitable for experienced users as well. The bow comes with the price range of $350 – $400.