Top 10 Best Laser Printer for Small Business in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

Many small businesses exist just above the line between profit and deficit. The equipment needed in smaller organizations must have along life and be reliable. An equipment failure that would inconvenience a large firm can seriously cripple a small business for the time. The shutdown time the business is forced to endure can mean large amounts of lost revenue. It may also lead to long-term damage as the company’s anticipated growth would not be met because equipment failures hampered its productivity.

A printer is one machine that a small business cannot fully function without because it is responsible for the creation of all documents needed for its backstage operations. Client forms, formal letters, contracts, and employee paperwork cannot be processed when the printer will not resolve its internal error. The smart business owner would compare different makes and models of printers to find the one that has a long life span and is always ready when it is needed.

List of The 10 Best Laser Printer for Small Business in 2024.

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10 Best Laser Printer for Small Business Reviews By Consumer Reports in 2024.

10. Brother MFCL2740DW Wireless Monochrome Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax

The Brother MFCL2740DW all-in-one printer has a printing speed of 32ppm. It can print two-sided standard and legal size documents, and it prints at 2400 X 600 dpi resolution. The MFCL2740DW is a monochrome printer with a cartridge that can print up to 1200 pages. The MFCL2740DW has a 250 sheet paper tray so it does not need constant paper refilling. Its color scanner produces sharp images.

It is Wi-Fi capable, however some customers report difficulty printing and scanning through Wi-Fi. If your business uses Apple computers and software, this printer may not be your best option. This printer performs adequately and is great for small offices with limited desk space, but it is not the highest performing machine.

9. Canon Color imageCLASS MF8280Cw Wireless All-in-One

The MF8280Cw is a color printer, scanner, copy machine, and fax machine that prints one-sided documents in color or black and white at 14 ppm speeds. Its scanner has a paper tray to load documents for faster, hassle free scanning. The MF8280Cw has a printer tray that can hold 50 sheets of plain paper, which may not be large enough for small businesses that do high-volume printing. The MF8280Cw only prints one side unless the document is manually loaded to print both sides. The scanner produces good images but maybe not the highest quality needed for high-definition photo work.

Because it is a full color printer the MF8280Cw requires four separate ink cartridges, which will become expensive when they need replacement. The wireless functions are a bit tricky, and like some other machines, connectivity to Apple based devices and software can become problematic. For the small business that needs color printing but does not produce high-volume documents, the Cannon Color MF8280Cw will get the job done.

8. HP LaserJet Pro 400 M451nw Color Printer

The HPM451nw is a one-sided color printer that delivers documents at a 21 ppm rate, which is ideal for small businesses that need quality printing from a smaller machine.The software needed for this printer might be troublesome to install, and the Smart Install feature has some known issues, but once it is complete, the M451nw should function as intended. Like some printers, wireless connecting to Apple software can be problematic, but it may work better than other printers on the market.

Another thing to note is that the M451nw is not an automatic two-sided printer, but it will complete two-sided documents with manual printing. It also does not have a scanner or fax, so businesses that send faxes and scan documents to electronic formats cannot use this machine. Replacing the multiple cartridges in this printer can be expensive, but still less than ink jet printers.

7. Brother HLL8350CDW Wireless Color Laser Printer

The HLL8350CDW is a versatile color printer that can handle various paper sizes, including legal documents. At 32 ppm, it is one of the faster machines out there. It has no other function, but the trade-off here is a machine that is made to work hard and last a long time. The setup can be a bit tricky, but the WiFi easily connects to most devices.

Toner cartridges are reasonably priced, and high yield cartridges are available that can print nearly double the amount of pages. While color printing is less than required for professional photo printing, black and white prints yields professional results. This is a good machine for small businesses that need a reliable, no-nonsense machine for fast, high volume printing.

6. HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw Printer

The MFP M277dw is considered one of the better printers by recent customers. Set up is easy and not very time consuming, and the Wi-Fi is less problematic than other printers. It is a larger machine, so it will take up desk space. It can scan a small stack of papers through its auto-feed or one document on the flat scanner. It can automatically print both sides of the paper, so there is no need to manually reload the stack, thus saving precious business time.

At 19 ppm, this printer is not the fastest machine available, but it does yield great printouts in black and white. Color printing is probably good enough for any small business that is not photography based.

5. Canon imageCLASS D530 Monochrome Laser Printer with Scanner and Copier

Businesses that often copy customer ID cards will benefit from the CanonD530 because it has an ID Card Copy feature that converts two sided cards into a one sided printout. It has a flat scanner, but no auto-feed, so scanning or copying stacks of documents can be difficult and time-consuming. Businesses that do high volume scanning may benefit from a different machine. The D530 is not a wireless printer, so it may not meet the needs of very busy offices with multiple devices to one printer.

It has only one cartridge, which can save money when replacements are needed, and a business that has no need for color printing would appreciate a machine that delivers what is needed without the expense of a 5-pack cartridge. It has a large 250 sheet paper tray, and, at 20 ppm, the D530 is not winning any speed trophies, but it may be fast enough for many small business needs.

4. Brother HL-3170CDW Digital Color Printer

The Brother HL-3170CDW has duplex printing for businesses that need to quickly produce two-sided documents. It prints crisp black and white documents, and its color printing is suitable for all but the most stringent photo printing needs. One issue however has to do with the machine’s method of determining toner levels. An issue occurs when the HL-3170CDW has calculated that the toner has been depleted, but there is actually quite of bit actually remaining. Customers have developed a hack that involves opening the toner panel and resetting the toner with the touchscreen.

Brother has experienced some roller issues with this machine, and they have replaced several units that had roller damage. Unless Brother has corrected this defect on the new units, the HL-3170CDW may not be the most reliable printer available for a high-volume small business.

3. Brother MFC-L2700DWWireless Black and White Laser All-in-One with Wireless and Duplex Printing

At a 27 ppm printing speed, a document loading scanner, and a 250 page paper tray, the Brother MFC-L2700DW is can work for high demand, high volume printing and scanning. It has gained great reviews from businesses and individuals for its ease of operation and reliable printing. The MFC-L2700DW has a card scanning feature for businesses that require ID card scanning for customer records.

Its toner replacement is moderately priced and lasts long enough to lower the price per document over many other printers. This workhorse MFC-L2700DW all-in-one is a good choice for high volume printing businesses that need a reliable machine.

2. Brother DCPL2540DW Wireless Compact Laser Printer

The Brother DCPL2540DW delivers high-quality two-sided documents at a fast 30 ppm speed for the busiest small businesses that need to quickly process stacks of paperwork. It is a reliable printer with both an auto-feed and flat scanner along with a 250 sheet printer paper tray, which can save time and money. The wireless is relatively easy to set up, and it communicates easily with multiple devices using an internet router. The printer produces high resolution documents, but it only prints monochrome.

Businesses that occasionally print graphs and charts should look elsewhere or purchase a separate color printer that meets those needs. The on-board interface is user-friendly, with arrow selections and menus that are easily understandable. The DCPL2540DW is a good, reliable all-in-one machine that uses a single cartridge and simplicity to meet the needs of businesses that need a high-output printer for multiple devices, but only print forms, letters, and legal documents in black and white.

1. Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer with Duplex Printing and Wireless Networking

For small businesses that need an economical printer and have no plans to print photos or high-resolution color graphs, the Brother HL-L2340DW can be a good option. It is a monochrome printer that automatically prints both sides of a document for businesses that need to reduce paper usage. This machine also has a toner saving option for non-critical documents, which can drastically lower the cost per printed page. Replacement toner cartridges are inexpensive, thus further lowering operating costs.

The wireless printing may have some small issues with setup, but it communicates fine with multiple devices. Some units tend to lose Wi-Fi capability when the machine enters sleep mode, and there is no option to disable it. The HL-L2340DW might also miscalculate how much toner remains and detect toner depletion when there is actually some remaining. The HL-L2340DW may not be desirable as a business’s primary printer, but for the times when fast printing of a multiple-page document is needed it can handle the task.

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