Top 10 Best Bike Hitch Mount Racks in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

How do you carry your bike on your vehicle? Different people have various crude ways of carrying their bikes to the next biking destination. With a bike hitch mount rack, you do not have to crack your mind anymore. Just fit it on the vehicle and carry your bike with ease and style. Avoid the inconvenience of carrying a bike in the vehicle. Using a bike rack guarantees safety of the bike and protects your car from scratches. Read below to find out more about the best bike racks you can choose from.

Listed of The 10 Best Bike Hitch Mount Racks in 2024

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1.Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

As you go on your camping or road trip, carry up to two bikes with this carrier. It fits 1-1/4 to 2-inch receiver hitches and is secure for your bikes. Its carry arm will accommodate wide range of bike frame sizes. It will carry adult and kid bikes confidently for a road trip. It is designed in a way that you don’t have to remove the bikes to access the back of the SUV. The rack easily tilts back for easy access and when not in use, it folds completely.

2.Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

With the Allen Sports trunk bike hitch, it is easy carrying your bike to and from trips. It is quick, safe, and easy to load and unload your bike on the 2” receiver hitch. It carries securely saving your from piling bikes on the roof mount. It is easy to operate and is very secure to use. The steel construction makes it very durable, and the black powder finish ensures the hitch is beautiful and long-lasting. Its patented tie-down system can cradle up to four bikes in the carrier arm. It sets up quickly and does not wobble. When not in use, just fold it down flat to access the lift gate.

3.Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

With this bike carrier, your bike transport will be stress free and safe. It secures each bike on both the wheel and frame for the most stable ride. Its cushion hooks can be adjusted to fit various bike sizes then ratchet down for a tight fit. The frame grip arms have a soft finish that protects the bike. When not in use, fold the rack for a compact storage. Its anti-wobble hitch device ensures the bike is sturdy and safe for the drive.

4.Allen Sports Deluxe 5-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Mount your bike fast, secure and easily on the Allen® deluxe 5-bike carrier. It fits a car, truck or trailer and uses snug tie-downs to secure up to four bikes. The carry arm folds down when not in use. The whole rack can tilt to allow you access to the lift gate. Install the rack in minutes and experience secure no wobble hitch. It is designed to eliminate movements that can be dangerous when driving and can damage the bike.

5.Yakima Products RidgeBack Hitch Bike Rack

Quickly install this rack without any tools and get ready to transport your bike. Its lever tilt allows you access to the vehicle and fold it flat for storage. Secure your bike to the rack to keep the bikes from coming into contact with each other. It can fit both 1.25” and 2” hitch receiver. Its limited life warranty brings you peace of mind.

6.Allen Sports 3-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Carry many types and designs of frames with this bike carrier. It features a tie-down cradle that secures each bike separately and protects them from scratching. Fold its carry arm when not using it. You can also tilt back the rack to easily access the lift gate. The no wobble bolt ensures no movement of the rack inside the hitch. It requires a minor assembly that will not take much time or effort. Its black powder coat finish will also enhance the look of the car the rack is attached on.

7.Thule Vertex XT Hitch Mount Bike Carrier

Carry your bike in style and protect both the bike and your car from damage. It is a convenient way of transporting bikes to your camping or vacation location. It has an increased mast height for better ground clearance. This model fits most 11/2” and 2” receivers and efficiently hides away the integrated cable locks inside the rack when not in use. The rack features a cushion cage that prevents sway and keeps bikes from coming into contact with one another and with the vehicle. With a frame adapter, you can carry unconventional bikes like women’s or kid’s bikes with ease.

8.Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted 4-Bike Carrier

Efficiently carry up to four bikes quickly and easily. The arms will snap into place fast to hold your bikes for the trip. The cradle system holds the bikes securely, and the padded spine shields them from damage. When you want to gain access to the rear lift gate, the rack easily tilts away allowing access. Install the powder-coated rack in minutes and carry your bikes without any wobble.

9.Yakima DoubleDown 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Yakima is known for its excellence in manufacturing quality bike carriers. Make your road trip fun and safe by carrying your bike securely on this carrier. Make room inside the car by carrying the bike outside the vehicle in a secure hold. If you want access to the rear of your vehicle, the rack will easily tilt away. And when the rack is not in use, fold the arms by pressing a button effortlessly. The anti-sway technology keeps the bikes from contacting each other.

10.Allen Sports Premier Hitch Mounted 2-Bike Carrier

Mount this bike carrier easily to an 11/2” or 2” trailer hitch and carry up to two bikes. Snap its arms out and fit your bikes for safe transport at the back. The dual-compound cradle system holds bikes securely while the padded spine shield protects your bikes. Gain easy access to the rear gate of your vehicle by tilting away the rack using the internal release. The rack will take you only a few minutes to install and does not wobble during transportation.

Bike rack buying guide

Before you go far in the search for the best bike rack, ask yourself how far you want to go and how often. Follow this with the type of bikes and how many you want to carry.

The cost of the bike counts to some extent since you will not risk carrying an expensive bike on a rack that does not seem to match the bike quality. How you want to carry the bike is a consideration that must play a part of the purchase. The availability of a receiver on your bike will determine the rack to buy.

You will want to take into account the practicality of the bike rack. Will it suit your needs today and a few years to come or will you have to replace it when you have additional family members? Consider how easy it is to install, load, secure and access your vehicle. Consider the storage space it will take when not in use.

1.Types of bike rack

There are many types of bike racks, but the main ones are hitch-mount, roof mount, and strap mount. Bikes vary in type, size, design, and weight and these should factor in when shopping for a bike rack. Other options are available for truck beds and specialty racks in case you have unique situations.


These racks connect to 11/4 and 2-inch receiver hitch on your vehicle. These types are more expensive than the rest, but are easy to work with; you do not have to lift the bike to the roof. Most of them feature bike locks and rack locks to the vehicle for improved security. They allow for one-handed fitting, and the hinged load allows access to the tailgate and boot without having to remove the bike. The more features a bike rack has, the higher it costs. These can include repair pads, built-in locks, and lightweight material among others. A vehicle hitch can also be an extra expense. A11/4 inch hitch can only carry two bikes instead of the four to five that a 2-inch hitch can carry.

This type of rack is strong and is out of the way for airflow as you drive. It is easy to load and unload bikes on these racks and also offer better security. The disadvantage is that you need a compatible receiver hitch. When the bike is not loaded, reversing can have some unpleasant results if you forget the rack is back there. You may need an additional rear number plate if the rack obscures the one on your vehicle. You will also need to illuminate the bike rack plate in case you plan to drive when there is poor illumination.


They mostly have feet that attach to the vehicle roof and cross bars for the accessories to attach to. Some are designed to allow both wheels remain on the bike and those that require front wheel removal. Front wheel removal makes the bike easier to load and keeps it lower for taller SUVs. Those that keep both wheels on the bike are taller and less stable. Each type uses integrated locks to lock the rack to the car and the bike to the rack.

Roof-mounted types require a factory or aftermarket roof rack bar system. However, some simpler types do not require a dedicated base bar setup. They can use suction cups to attach to the roof. They can be left on the roof all the time since they are versatile and have many uses. The disadvantages of a roof-mounted rack are the added aero drag that will increase fuel consumption and the increased vehicular height.


These are the least expensive rack options and likewise, the least secure. They are held to the vehicle by some straps that hook to the trunk lid or bumper. They are very adjustable to fit any vehicle. They, however, do not have a way to lock your bike or be locked onto the vehicle. This makes them easy to steal. Also, if you do not fit it properly, you may lose the bike when driving.

5.Speciality racks

There are virtually all kinds of bike racks on the market. You cannot fail to get one that addresses your special needs. Even the vehicles with a spare tire at the back have its type of bike rack for securely and conveniently transporting your bike. The tailgate pad is one of the specialty types commonly used on trucks.

Car Rack Tips

Before installing a roof rack, check the manufacturer’s specification for directions and maximum allowed load on the roof. For a hitch mount, check the vehicle’s towing capacity. Check the vehicle’s payload limit if you plan to load more than five adult bikes. You may burden the transmission, tires, suspension, and engine with extra weight.

Test the bike or ask before buying if your bike will fit the cradle. Some bikes, especially kids’ or women’s bikes don’t fit and require careful consideration.

Roof racks are the best for bikes with unusual shapes or a tandem. They accommodate what other rack types have issues with.

It is not bad to buy a bike rack with extra space, even if you only need to carry two bikes. It is a nice luxury and allows you the opportunity to carry more when the need arises.[/agr][/agrbox]


It is important to carry your bike when going for a vacation of camping as it keeps you engaged. However, carrying on the roof of your vehicle can compromise your driving safety and the bike’s security. This calls for the best bike rack that guarantees your safety and convenience. Consider this guide to help you chose the best product for your needs. It is time to rid yourself of the old methods of transporting the bike. Choose the efficient and safe solution.

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