Top 10 Best Corded Circular Saws in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

The corded version of power tools is still the favorite even with the advent of cordless options. Before buying a corded circular saw, there are many things to consider. This will help you get the right one for the job at hand. When you have an excellent circular saw, you will be able to slice through all types of wood wet or dry. No more getting bogged down or risking your health. Since there are many options in the market, this guide will help you find the right one for the job and within your budget range. When you work with a powerful circular saw, work will be fun and easy.

Listed of The 10 Best Corded Circular Saws in 2024

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1. DEWALT Lightweight Circular Saw with Electric Brake

This electric saw has a light design and balances well for cutting wood. It weighs only 8.8 pounds and has an electric brake that automatically stops the blade when you release the trigger. It provides a smooth reliable aluminum base for accurate cutting. This cutter has an inbuilt dust blower for a clear line of sight as you work. Work with a durable saw, with a higher resistance to cord pullout. It is light and portable and will cut with a higher precision and ease.

2. Black & Decker Driver Circular and Reciprocating Saw

When you purchase this combo kit, you get a circular saw, drill/driver, reciprocating saw and work light. With this tool, you will work comfortably even when darkness sets in. it is compact and lightweight making it easy to use in tight spaces. Its high torque motor provides a lot of power to cut through many feet in a short time. The kit comes with two 20V battery for when you are away from a power source. You will love working with this kit for various purposes at home and professional use.

3. Skil 5480-01 13 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Kit

The compact nature of this circular saw will make your work a lot easier. It has more power and can work in tight spaces. Its features are user-friendly, for example, the two-point line of sights and the stable foot will assist you to get it right the first time. The manufacturer brings over 80 years of engineering experience into your hands. The lightweight design, durability, and power make the saw something to depend on.

4. DEWALT MAX Brushless Circular Saw with Brake

Experience working with a power tool that features electric brake and a flexible battery. This battery changes voltage when you switch the tools. The brushless motor is maximized for operation and durability to give you more with this tool. It gives quality cuts at very high speeds. The shoe is made of high-grade aluminum for accurate cuts. It also has bevel cut capacity of up to 57 degrees. And with its LED light, you will always have a clear sight as you cut.

5. SKIL Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide

If you are looking for a saw with advanced features for a professional cut, the SKIL 5280 is the saw. Its 15-AMP motor provides enough power for exceptional performance. It can cut sheets and lumber quickly for efficient and fast working so your project is not delayed. Its single-beam laser is an excellent guide to ensure you cut accurately. The integrated dust blower keeps your cutting line clear for an excellent finish. It also features a 51- degree bevel that stops at 45 degrees and gives various cutting options. You will find it is easy to change blades by using the spindle lock and on-tool wrench.

6. Hitachi C7SB2 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

For an easy cut of tough jobs, this circular saw has the power. With an output of 2,100 watts and a speed of 5,800 rpm, you will get all the power you need for any wood and other products. It is easy to select the right depth for your job. You can manage various beveling applications using this saw. It makes clear bevels from zero to 55 degrees. It has an adjustable lever that makes it easy to stop at 45 and 5 degrees. And for your protection, the blade guard is properly placed for angle cuts. It also has a spindle lock for extra safety.

7. PORTER-CABLE Heavy Duty Steel Shoe Circular Saw

It runs on a 15-amp motor giving a speed of 5,500 rpm for excellent power. And for stability and smooth operation, the saw has a heavy-duty steel shoe. For added durability, the shoe has a metal upper and lower guard. You will find it to be very versatile especially because of the depth adjustment and spindle lock. It is very convenient to use, its aux handle is comfortable to hold and provides a clear line of sight when cutting.

8. Makita 5007MG Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

For the person who likes working with powerful cutting tools, this saw will amaze you. The powerful 15-amp motor provides a high speed of 5,800rpm for excellent performance. Its magnesium components make the saw lightweight and well-balanced for the job. And when you want to make adjustments, the rubberized lever is easy to use with one hand. It is capable of cutting at 90 degrees and beveled angles of 0-56 degrees. It stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees. You will get increased accuracy with the LED lights illuminating the line of sight.

9. PORTER-CABLE PCE310 15 Amp 7-1/4″ Magnesium Shoe Circular Saw

This powerful circular saw can cut in many types of applications comfortably. Its magnesium shoe together with the metal upper and lower guards make the saw more durable. While on the job, you can make quick depth adjustments using the spindle lock feature. When the job demands, you can do a maximum bevel of 55 degrees with a stop at 22.5 and 45 degrees. It weighs only 9 lbs and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

10 .VonHaus Corded Ultra-Compact Circular Saw

You will love working with this saw that offers raw power and compact, balanced design. It will make you a professional since it cuts precisely into wood, ceramic, flooring, and plastic. Any rip and plunge cuts are as easy with this tool. It is very compact and provides a better control and accuracy in tight areas that regular saws cannot access. Its long dust extractor will keep the cutting line clear and give you better visibility and cutting results. The ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to work with for extended periods without feeling fatigue on a one-handed operation.

Buying Guide for Corded Circular Saws

A circular saw is your solution to making accurate cuts through wood. Most people take time debating whether to buy corded or cordless circular saws for their applications. This buying guide will help you wade through the options and get the right tool for your needs. Here are some points to consider.

1.Cutting Capacity, Cutting Depth and Bevels

For general or professional cuts, look for a saw with a maximum cutting depth of 0 degrees. This is how deep you will be cutting when the saw is not being used to cut bevels. It is essential to have a saw that can adjust the base plate to cut a bevel especially if you will be cutting mitres. Each saw has the amount of cutting indicated, for example, 22.5, 45, 56, and 90 degrees. Ensure you get the right blade to cut at the desired depth.

2.Speed and Control

The motor rating of the saw is very important as it determines the speed and power. A higher raying typically means a better saw performance. When the blade cuts at a higher rpm, you will have better control compared to one that spins at a lower rpm. More power means more control. It also gives you the power to cut tougher material with ease. When the motor is powerful, you can run bigger blades on the saw and achieve better results for your project. Always pay attention to the blade speed when shopping for a corded circular saw.

3.To Plunge or Not to Plunge?

Depending on your work, you may need a plunge saw or not. If your work involves more plunge cuts, you should consider investing in a plunge saw to make your work easy. However, for occasional plunge jobs, just purchase a circular saw. It will serve you as long as it does not have a riving knife. The riving knife is a safety feature that prevents kickbacks so keep that in mind when choosing your saw.


Every job type requires a specific blade type for excellent cutting performance.A carbide tipped blade will cut wood perfectly but you may need other blades for special purposes like cutting metal, concrete, ceramic or plastic. For a clean cut, buy a blade with a higher number of teeth.

Blade left or right

Every person has a specific way of cutting and stick to their blade sides. It is not a matter of being right-handed or left-handed. Whichever you like working with, consider it when purchasing anew circular saw.

Blade Size

Every circular saw has a specific diameter it can take. Most commonly you will find saw with the size 7-1/4 inches for common uses. There is a wide variety of blade choices depending on your cutting requirements. So take your time and pick what will work for you. There are blades for every cutting job, not only wood but ceramic, plastic among other materials.


There are two common saw styles, worm-drive, and sidewinders. Worm-drive types are short and ling and their handles are located behind the blades to the right. This makes the blade visible to right-hand users these types tend to be heavier and feature more torque. Sidewinders, on the other hand, have the handle positioned higher over the blade. They are the most recognizable types. Their blades are traditionally located on the right side, unlike the worm-drive style. They are lighter and spin faster. If you want to do some work at home, this is the best type for you.


To determine the power of a circular saw, look at the amperes. The most common power today is 15 amps. However, if you plan to use it infrequently, 10 to 12 amps is adequate. The price difference is not significant but you should know that the power determines the speed and control and overall performance of the saw.

7.Corded vs. Cordless

Using a cordless circular saw can be fun but they cost more than their cordless counterparts. You will always find an outlet to use wherever the work takes you so do not worry about getting a corded one. An extension cord can bridge the gap if you are too far from an outlet. Consider the length of the cord, cheaper saws come with shorter cords and may inconvenience you when working. Many professionals use cordless saws due to their durability and improved performance. The choice depends on your preference and the durability of the tool.


Most of the sidewinder saws look the same from a distance, except for their color. When you look at them up close, there are many differences from feel and look. You can visit the local tool supplier and test the different brand and models to test them for yourself. Ensure the handle fit properly and is comfortable and that the weight is adequate and balances well. Check the blade visibility and adjustment components to be sure they work the way you desire.

9.Safety First

It is crucial that you check the safety features of the saw. Confirm how it operates and if there is extra protection from the blade when it is operating.


A home workshop must have a circular saw in addition to a drill to make it complete. When you buy a reliable and durable circular saw, expect to be using it 20 years from today. The corded models offer a lot of power and continuous performance. Check for the power, anything around 15amp is adequate for even the toughest jobs. Do not forget to choose your blades wisely since they play a crucial role in the cutting of various materials. When you buy corded tools, you are not forced to stick with a specific brand battery, you are free to plug your power tool into any socket and cut away.

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