Top 10 Best Drywall Lifts in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

Have you asked yourself how to make the installation of drywall easier when alone? Using the best Drywall Lifts, you can work efficiently with minimal help when installing a new Drywall. It is the best way to use the least physical strength during construction work. An excellent time-saving tool can carry the weight of drywall sheets that are cumbersome to install manually. You will install a large area in a shorter time compared to installing them manually. These tools are easy to assemble and break down when through with the job. This tool makes it possible to do the job single-handedly, therefore, saving you the cost of labor. This tool is recommended for professional ceiling installers and for home use to fix things around.

Listed of The 10 Best Drywall Lifts:

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1. Troy DPH11 Professional Series

With this drywall lift, you can effectively a two-man job into one. It can carry the heavy sheets that would require two or three people to carry. The tool helps install sheets in half the time and at a fraction the cost since you can do it alone. It is easy to set up and very easy to operate. Since it is made from commercial grade steel, the strength and durability are guaranteed. You can use the lift for professional jobs and home jobs. It is designed with rubberized feet to eliminate the risk of injury when you place heavy sheets on the wall. The single-stage winch with brake makes it easy to operate.

2. Telpro Inc. PANELLIFT PanelLift Drywall Lifter

Want to install drywall by yourself the easy way? Just get this drywall lift to do the job in minutes. It is easy to assemble and disassemble without using any tools. It offers tilting angles to bring the load closer to the mounting location when installing on sloped ceilings. It can carry a maximum load of 150 pounds and help install up to 11 feet tall. You will lift all standard drywalls to location without any sweat. Its integral cradle can extend to handle sheets measuring four by 16. This eliminates the need to have an extra set of hands to help lift the drywall sheet.

3. Red Line RLP9016 Drywall Panel 19′ Hoist Lifter Dry Wall Lift Tool

For effective one-person operation, his drywall lift is the best option. You will enjoy working without experiencing any strains or injury when installing drywall. Let the lift do the hard work and mount sheets in a fraction of the time. It is made of all welded steel for durability and safety. Its fast single-stage winch with brake makes working with the tool easy, safe, and efficient. Assemble and disassemble it without any tools or complex operations. It will reach a maximum height of 15 feet and carry up to 150 lbs. Move it easily using the rolling caster wheels and carry sheets of up to 4 by 16 feet.

4. Idealchoiceproduct 16′ Drywall Lift

Working construction jobs can be tiring and hard. However, when you bring such tools like drywall lifts into play, things become easier. This model can carry a load of up to 150 lbs and hoist it to a ceiling height of 16 feet. If you are working with wide panels, for example, four by 16 feet, you have nothing to worry about for it will lift. Assemble it without using any tools and disassemble easily for storage. It is safe to use, this is guaranteed with the built-in winch with brake. It has a sturdy build to give you peace of mind when working with it.

5. Idealchoice product 11′ Drywall Lift

You require a safe equipment when doing construction projects. This drywall lift will carry up to a weight of 150 lbs to the ceiling without putting you or the sheets at risk. It has a sturdy welded steel and built-in winch with brake. Assemble and disassemble it with ease, till as it hoists for sloping ceiling. You don’t have to bear the weight of the panels since the lift can lower down to 34 inches from the ground for easy loading. This lift makes one-person operations manageable and efficient.

6. PRO-SERIES Heavy Duty Drywall and Panel Hoist Lifts

This construction tool will handle heavy-duty jobs of hoisting panels. It is made of a welded steel frame and construction-grade cables for heavy lifting and safety. Its weight capacity is 150 lbs, and it supports sheets of up to 16 feet, so nothing is beyond its ability. The drywall lift has rolling casters to allow easy movement to position the drywall sheets. One person can easily operate and load sheets for mounting without getting tired. It requires no tool to assemble or disassemble so you will be up and running in no time. In case you want to reach higher areas, just attach the 6-foot extension.

7. Troy DPH11 Professional 15′ Drywall Panel Hoist

Experience working with this safe drywall lift with an all-welded steel frame. Assemble it fast without any tools and tear it down for storage easily. One person can operate the lift and mount sheets up on the ceiling without breaking a sweat. It features a single stage winch with brake and will reach a maximum height of 15 feet for walls and 11 feet for ceilings. When you add the extension, it can reach 15 feet ceiling and 19 feet walls. If you have large panels of 4 by 16 feet, this lift will handle all that. Anything weighing up to 150 lbs is manageable. Positioning sheets on the ceiling or wall are made easier with the rolling casters.

8. PANELLIFT 195 Drywall Lift Loader

Keep your back healthy and pain-free by using this drywall lift to hoist the heavy panels up the wall or ceiling. It lowers the loading area to a few inches off the floor to reduce the loading effort. In a matter of seconds, you will have attached your load and off to mounting up higher. Moreover, if you want to dismantle it for storage or transportation, it is a quick job that requires no tools.

9. MARSHALLTOWN 11 Ft. Drywall Lift

Lifting heavy drywall sheets is now made easy with the Marshall Town drywall lift. It is a lifesaver due to the load it takes off your back. The good thing is that you can operate it alone and finish the project in less time and at a lower cost. It hoists panels up to a height of 11 feet, making it easy doing construction work and in a safer environment due to its sturdy construction.

10.Drywall and Panel Hoist Lift Jack

Just one person is required to work with this equipment. Your construction has gotten much easier and faster with the drywall lift. It will hoist panels of up to 4 by 16 feet and carry eights going up to 150 lbs.Its tilting action increases the efficiency of work and allows you to install the panel of sloping ceiling with ease and without help. It has a maximum height of 11 feet. Since it has a welded steel construction, it is safe and durable for lifting heavy panels. No tool is needed to assemble and disassemble the equipment.

Buying guide for drywall lifts

1.Types of Drywall Lifts

Drywall lifts help simplify the job of lifting the heavy drywall panels off the ground and into the mounting positions. Since the sheets can range from 70 to 150 lbs, these lifts have the build to manage the weight until it is securely placed. Those with wheels make the task even easier since you can move the load from one position to another. It also makes moving the equipment from one room to another quite easy. Based on the amount of time you want to use them, you can buy or rent the lift. It is crucial that you do adequate comparison shopping before taking any action. Each project is unique and the requirements vary so will your lifting equipment.

2.Basic Operation

Drywall lifts have a similar operation. They function to lift the drywall off a flat position to the placement location. These types can lift the load using the hand crank and can position the panel in the horizontal position only.

3.Heavy Duty Lifts

The stronger drywall lifts use a more powerful hydraulic crank to lift heavier boards to the right position for installation. This crank makes your job much easier. It is not surprising that these lifts are more expensive than the basic types.

4.Battery Operated L

There are the drywall lifts that are battery operated making the task almost effortless. You can easily position the drywall vaulted ceiling jobs. Among the available lifts, the battery-operated ones are the most expensive.

Getting drywall panels to the ceiling is no easy task. Professionals struggle to install the panels when done manually with people holding it on their heads. It requires a lot of coordination and may be awkward. You, however, have the option to rent a lift from a local store or buy the best one for the job for large or repeat projects. They are easy to work with. One person can load a sheet, and then crank it up to the right position without any help. The lift will hold the sheet in place as you nail it into position. No more struggling or involving in tiring activities. Purchase the model that meets the demands of your job and that which will manage most of your tasks, weight, height, and sizes.

Things to consider

1.Consumer comments

Just like reviews from friends around you, consumer reviews on the internet are crucial in the purchasing process. Go through the reviews from past customers and see what positive and negatives they have about the product that interests you.

2.Rating out of 5

Apart from the customer feedback, they can rate the product on a scale of 0 to 5. A standard rating is three, but some will have four or five for a fine product. Nay rating below three will require your careful and cautious review of the opinions left by the customers.


There are many variations in the drywall lift section. Each type and model has a different price, and some may be beyond your budget yet they suit your needs. It is crucial that you go for quality, reliability, and durability instead of just looking at the price tag. Any product that is needed for daily or regular use should be in the higher price range due to the durability. Do not sell yourself short.

4.Height requirements

Most standard lifts are 11 feet in lift height, hence perfect for most homes. However, for those in need of something that can lift to 15 or more feet, it is important to purchase the right lift. This will manage the lifting tasks in 99% of the homes and projects.

5.Weight requirements

The market has so many choices of drywall lifts to pick from. If you do many contracts, go for the contract grade that can handle up to 150 lbs with ease. This is also ideal for home use and will not disappoint.


Even though many people say brand does not matter as long as the product is reliable, you may find it difficult finding what’s reliable. Purchasing off labels carry many risks so stick to known brands with a solid history to read about. You may have trouble reaching the customer support in case you have technical issues or needs to return the product.


It is time you make construction duties less straining. Shop for and purchase the best Drywall lifts in the market and increase your efficiency and reduce time and labor costs when installing ceilings. It can help you place ceilings at places that are challenging to reach. This tool allows you to work alone and complete your projects faster. It works well with a good set of drywall stilts and a high-quality putty knife.

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