Top 10 Best External Storages for iPhone in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

IPhone is undoubtedly the symbol of new generation. iPhone undisputedly possess superior quality, excellent design and exquisite image. Thus, there are millions of iPhone fans from all across the globe. iPhone in present times is no longer only for practical use. The new versions of iPhone strongly represent a symbol of business class.

No wonder, the demand of iPhone is rapidly growing at an unprecedented pace. Thus, the developers are using their skills to enhance the features of iPhone perpetually to keep up with the rising expectations of the users. The latest versions of iPhones are extremely functional mobile devices that can be easily used as a movie theater or a photo studio. But for that you would require an immense amount of storage.

There are a plethora of flash drives which have been specifically designed for iPhones. Here are the Top 10 Best External Storage For iPhone.

10 Best External Storages for iPhone Reviews By Consumer Reports.

1. SanDisk iXpand Drive of 32GB

This flash drive very well allows you free space on your iPhone and helps you to transfer all your content including the videos and photos to this drive with the help of a lightning connector. This lightening connector can be very flexibly connected to the iPhone even when it is in its case. The process of file transfer is very easy and fast.

The SanDisk iXpand Drive app can be used which helps in transferring the data quickly and easily. This app is very versatile and also supports various video formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, MP$ and MKV.

2. USB Flash Drives meant for iPhone with memory of 32GB

This device very well serves the purpose of an external drive for the iPhone, iPod and IPad. This drive works excellently and has great functionality for the iPhone. It is recommended not to plug in your device with this external drive. You may transfer the files by plugging into a computer and then syncing with iTunes. It is a very simple procedure and also saves a lot of your valuable time.

3. IMEEK SD TF Card Reader ideal for Apple devices

The IMEEK card reader is powered with three interfaces namely the Micro USB connector meant for the Android devices, USB connector meant for the Macs/computers and the lightning conductor for the iOS devices. This card reader is empowered to manage data directly on the free app. You need to download the free app named “iDisk Pro” from the app store for iOS devices. In case you want to use this in your android device, you do not have to download any app. You may connect the card reader to the phone and then enter “file manager” in order to operate.

4. SanDisk Connect of 64GB(Wireless)

This is a great device that has the capability to wirelessly store and share files, stream movies, share music, photos and documents from any of your favorite smartphone. This device is very portable and very convenient to use. This is perfect for your iPhone, tablet or even your computer.

5. iPhone Flash Drive of 32GB with USB 3.0 Adapter

This device is very user-friendly and enables transferring of the data between the iPhone/IPad and the computers. The authorized exFAT facilitates the transferring of the individual files that are bigger than 4GB in size. There is also the availability of a friendly streaming app called iPlugmate which very easily enables the user to listen to music and watch movies.

6. [MFi Certified] iPhone USB Flash Drive 64GB for iPhone XR XS Max iPad Lightning External Storage Photo Stick

This is a great device and with the help of this, you can instantly free the memory. It has goy 64GB external memory extension. It transfers files with amazing speed with 80MB/sec for reading and 40MB/sec for writing. The user needs to download a free app called “Witstick” in order to use this device.

7. Apple MFI Certified] Devia USB Flash Memory for iOS 7 & 8 &9 iPhone/iPad/iPod(32GB, USB 2.0, Black)

This device works very well for storing photographs and music. You can also store digital files and videos very conveniently. You also can opt to take photographs directly to this device. It seems to work fine doing all of those. The only problem is that you cannot directly film a video in this device. If your phone’s memory is full, then you are unable to directly film a video. However, the filmed videos from your iPhone can very competently be transferred to this device.

8. SD Card Reader with lightening facility along with Memory Stick

This device enables you to save the files for iPad/iPhone to the flash drive for the purpose of backup. You may share large sized files of movies and music with your friends and family with the help of this device. All you need to do is to download the iPlugmate app in order to operate the device.

9. HooToo iPhone Lightening connector with 128 GB memory

This is a great device for iPhones. It possesses a convenient lightening connector base that is Apple MFi certified and is cent percent compatible with the lightening iPhone and IPad. Also, it has a premium aluminum build that makes it easy to carry. It requires the app called iPlugmate to operate.

10. iPhone Flash Drive with 64GB USB

This is a great device for fast transfer and also for charging. It requires the iPlugmate app for functioning and it supports all major formats of video and music. It is compatible with all devices and is also MFi certified for usage with all Apple products.


No matter which of these devices you choose, you have to ensure that they are original and you purchase them from some trusted source. These devices have a plethora of benefits and thus will provide the right value for your money. They have several useful features and cost-effective to use. So, you can purchase any of these external storage devices for your iPhone and enjoy more enhance storage space with more power. These external devices provide you with a lot of storage space which can be utilized for work as well as for entertainment. So, if you haven’t yet opted for one, it is high time you opt for one such external storage device for your iPhone to make the maximum use of it.

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