Top 10 Best Massage Tables in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

There are many types of massage tables on the market; this may make it difficult to find the best massage table for your specific needs. Do you want a massage table for personal or professional use? The designs of today are lightweight and portable making them excellent both home and professional use.

You can easily fold them to visit a client and adjust the height to suit the needs. When you follow this guide, you will find that your search is easier. You will know what features to look for and choose the best product that will serve you best and give you value for your money.

Listed of The 10 Best Massage Tables

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1. Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

1 Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

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With this portable massage table, you will get started right away with the all-inclusive bundle. Its table is made of high-quality Beech timber. And for comfort, it has a high-density 2.5-inch foam. Other features are the removable facial cradle, armrest, arm supports and coated tension wires that give it great strength and durability.

Enjoy working on this table with everything you need at arm’s length. These include a towel hanger, oil pouch, a semi-circle bolster. When it is time to move, it packs nicely in the durable carrying bag.

2. New Black 84″ Portable Massage Table

2 New Black 84

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Experience the comfort of working with this portable massage table. It has plenty of features, has an economical package. It is the ideal table for a professional massage therapist. Therapy students and home users will also find it to be a great table. Your clients will get the most comfortable massage experience.

The table has a precision craft and a hardwood frame for a sturdy and durable table.It comes with standard accessories like removable face cradle, armrest shelf, side arm extenders, face portal, and face cradle pad. Pack it conveniently into the provided carrying bag and be on the move.

3. Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

3 Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

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If you are looking for a stable massage table, then you got it. This product is crafted with a sturdy hardwood frame and has double tension knobs on the sides that make it stable. It utilizes strong steel cables hence its ability to support a load of up to 450 pounds. The strong and durable headrest is adjustable and does not warp like aluminum ones.

Under the headrest, you will find the arm sling in addition to the winged armrests for comfortable repositioning the client when needed. Its 2-inch thick high-density foam provides adequate comfort and is covered in luxurious synthetic leather that is softer than PVC.

4. Heaven Massage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table

4 Heaven Massage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table

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With this lightweight and portable Heaven Massage table, your work will get a lot easier. It is durable, so you are sure to get value for your money and is affordable too. It has all functions and components, and the frame is made from birch for professional strength. It can carry up to a weight of 450 lb and folds easily for transport and storage. Its 2-inch thick high-density foam ensures your clients are very comfortable. This is covered with an oil and waterproof PU leather that is durable and soft.

5. Massage Table Portable Facial SPA Bed

5 Massage Table Portable Facial SPA Bed

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When you purchase this massage table, you will get many features, but at an economical price. It is ideal for professional use, home users, and students alike. It comes with the standard accessories including face cradle, face portal, side arm extenders, armrest shelf, and a free carrying bag. Keep your work more sanitary with the included towel hanger, semi-circle and round bolsters, armrest and headrest covers, and fitted sheet. The table is designed to provide maximum comfort for the client and masseurs.

6. EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table

6 EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table

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With this all-in-one massage table with proprietary adjustable face cradle and face cradle cushion, your clients will have the best massage experience. It folds easily and fits the durable carrying case for transport. The table fits people of all sizes and is very comfortable to lie on. It has 2.5-inch double density cushioning covered with the durable Natursoft fabric that is soft to touch.

It has a strong squeak-proof construction built to carry up to 60 lbs. You will use it for years and serve your professional needs. It features a non-slip stable feet knob and piano hinges, making it very stable.

7. Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Table

7 Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Table

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Your clients will love this luxurious, extra wide massage table. It is also portable and has memory foam for enhanced comfort. The face cradle is ergonomic and adjustable to suit the client. Use the oversized armrest to make the massage experience memorable.

It also includes Shiatsu cable release and Reiki leg panels. You will never regret investing in this table. Use it for professional therapist work and at home. It works with any preferred bodywork or practice. This brand represents luxury, comfort, and durability.

8. Best Massage Table with Free Carry Case and Bolster

8 Best Massage Table with Free Carry Case and Bolster

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Pick a table with all that you need for a massage. This table is the best and comes at a bargain price. The beech wood makes it sturdy, hence its ability to carry up to 600 lb. It folds easily and has a free carry case for portability when you want to visit a client. The clients will love the 4-inch thick foam padding, and its PU leather cover makes it luxurious and durable. Anyone who wants quality massage can buy this massage table.

9. 2.5″ Massage Table Portable Facial SPA Bed

9 2.5

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No better way to start your massage business than using this all-inclusive portable massage table. It offers a complete massage solution featuring high-quality construction and exceptional luxury for your clients. Your clients will have the most comfortable experience on the 2.5-inch high-density foam. It includes an armrest, removable facial cradle, and a coated tension wire to provide better leg support and durability. It has a cotton fitted sheet on the table for protection.

10. WELLHOME Wood Treatment Table

10 WELLHOME Wood Treatment Table

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Give your clients the best experience on the high-density foam. The table has a reliable and strong construction that makes it durable. It is adjustable and flexible to suit all clients in a stable massage table. The table can carry up to 660 lb so most of your clients can comfortably rest on it. When you need to visit a client, just fold it down and carry it easily.

How to choose a massage table

For you to choose the right massage table you need to consider several major factors as explained below.

Purpose of the table

Before you even make a step, you must first ask yourself what you will do with the table. It is for massage therapy, physical or occupational therapy, facial or spa services, or is it for Reiki among other energy workings? Every service has different needs that are met by some tables while others don’t. How often will you use the table? It maybe for a full-time business or just an occasional or side activity. When starting out, you may not have all the answers to these questions, but it is crucial that you have a basic idea where you are going


A portable massage table is beneficial whether you plan to travel a lot or just work from one location. This leaves you with open options, and you won’t be stuck in case you suddenly need to be on the move. When you are certain you will not be traveling, you can choose a stationary massage table to offer your clients great luxury. These are sturdier, have an aesthetic appeal, and can hold more weight. And since you don’t have to carry them around, they are full of features like tilt tops.

A stationary table gives you the option of getting an electric table that adjusts the height by pressing on a foot pedal. This is easier than fiddling with knobs under the table. It also allows you to serve injured or disabled clients and treat them correctly.

Quality level

Massage tables vary in price but do not expect a cheap one to perform like a moderately priced one. It should be reliable and strong enough to hold the weight. Your client should feel comfortable, relaxed and safe on the table. A skimpy table can derail your career.[/agr][agr title=”Padding”]The more the cushioning and the higher the quality of the foam, the more comfortable the table. Too little padding will make your clients feel like laying down on bare wood face down. Much padding, however, will interfere with your massage. The best thickness should be around 3 inches of foam.


Massage tables range in width from 28 to 35 inches. It is more of a personal preference and making your clients comfortable. Short practitioners work best with narrow tables whereas wider tables are excellent for taller people. Keep in mind that taller clients will be more comfortable and feel secure on wider tables.


When shopping for your next massage table, you will see three weight numbers. One is the table weight to guide you in knowing what it will be like to carry the portable table when traveling and not injure yourself. Anything between 30 and 40 pounds is excellent and considered portable. Today there are massage table trolleys that make working with portable tables easy. It also saves you a lot of back pain since you can move the table on wheels instead of lifting it.

The static weight is the weight that can be dropped on it without breaking the table. This number is usually very high though it has little relevance to the day-to-day operations of the table.

The working weight is the number you need to pay attention to the most. It is the amount of weight your table can carry regularly. It includes the client’s weight, added bolsters used during the massage, and your added pressure during massage.

If the working weight tops around what the client weights, this means you cannot use bolsters, and your weight will damage the table. People fail to take into account their weight applied during a massage, it is substantial and should be considered.


The endplates play a major part in the table’s overall stability. The larger and lower down they are, the more stable the table will be. This ensures it does not rock during the session. Those that are smaller and nearer to top of the legs are used only in Reiki therapy hence their name, Reiki endplates. This is because Reiki does not have the physical impact of the massage. These tables are relatively light and the therapist can work from a seated position.

To ensure enhanced stability, massage tables have thicker and lower placed endplates. Some manufacturers offer half-and-half endplates. These have massage endplates on one end and Reiki endplates on the other to give you the best of both worlds.


If you need extra features, look for the table with those specific features. For example, some tables have internal heating and tilt tops for increased convenience. These add the weight of the massage table but also increase the flexibility and improve the experience. For those who would want to offer Shiatsu massage, ensure the table comes with a Shiatsu release cables that allows it to lay flat on the floor. Before you set for the search, make your list and identify the models that offer what you need.


To buy the best massage table, you will need this guide. The available products are so many you will get confused before you go far in the search. First, check what you need, and then go shopping with your needs in mind. This way you will pick the table with the right features to serve you best. If your work involves traveling a lot, for example, to clients’ places, then buy a portable and compact folding table. Consider the type of foam for comfort and upholstery. A waterproof and oil resistant material will serve you best the product with the best warranty offer is preferable. This guide is detailed and is your best choice to help you reach an informed decision.

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