Top 10 Best Outdoor TVs in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

Have you ever wished you had a TV to watch a movie when camping or enjoying some outdoor event? There are many outdoors TVs to make you change the routine of watching movies in the living room. It would be awesome hosting a barbecue and watching a game in your garden. It brings enjoyment wherever you want it to be. Some can be fixed in one place permanently whereas other types can be moved wherever you want to have the fun. To help you navigate the forest of outdoors TVs, this guide will take you through the process of choosing the best outdoors TV for your needs.

Listed of The 10 Best Outdoor TVs in 2024

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1. SunBriteTV Outdoor TV 55-Inch

The weatherproof SunBrite 55″ is designed for the outdoors and serves well in a shaded outdoor area. Experience the power of 4K display in your veranda, screen gazebo or shaded patio. It has up to 30% more brightness than the indoors TV, therefore, delivers a breathtaking, vivid picture in your outdoor environment. Its durable aluminum casing protects the TV against snow, rain, extreme temperatures, salt, dust, and insects. The lightweight, vented plastic used for indoors TV casing does not even come close to this durability. The Veranda series features inbuilt speakers and adequate media bay for popular streaming devices. The TV supports HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 for 4k compatibility and streaming services. You can connect your peripherals without limitations since the TV has four HDMI and two USB ports.

2. Sunbrite SB-3270HD 32

The all-weather 32-inch outdoors TV is something you will love in your outdoor environment. The 1080p support dependable clarity for the best displays. Enjoy the beauty of this LED HDTV with the best display performance in the market. Install it permanently outdoors. Its design fits well with the outdoors décor and is 50% thinner than the 3260HD model. The weatherproof HDTV is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and other weather elements. The exterior is powder-coated with aluminum for excellent durability. Enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor area, yacht, outdoor kitchen or poolside and experience a breathtaking view. Even the remote is weatherproof.

3. SUNBRITE 46-In. Outdoor TV Signature Series – White

With this outdoor TV as a permanent installation in your outdoor area, you will comfortably experience the quality view. You don’t have to worry about the weather. It can withstand anything as cold as -24 degrees F. The TV features a watertight cable entry system that seals out moisture and make it easy to hook up your TV. Its built-in 20 watts speakers, remote and control buttons are all weatherproof leaving nothing to chance. Get the 46-inch full HD LED display with the improved outdoor viewing experience. Its exterior design is made to protect the interior components from snow, rain, humidity, dust, insects, and salt air. The slim profile is also powder-coated to rust-proof the TV and increase its durability and strength. It features a unique heat dispersion design that keeps the unit cool and dry in high-temperature environments.

4. Sunbrite TV SB-4217HD-WH 42

The direct sun outdoor LED HDTV is a durable, water-resistant TV with extreme resilience and durability. It will function effectively in various weather conditions without failing. The TV can withstand dust, rain, snow, salt air, extreme heat and cold, and other elements. Its tempered screen protects the LED screen in active environments. You will enjoy a clear view even in direct sunlight due to the EST technology. Its exterior aluminum shield is powder-coated to protect the interior components. Feel the power of the ultra-bright 42-inch antiglare screen as you watch your show or movie in the outdoor environment.

5. Sunbrite TV SB-5570HD-BL 55

Sunbrite TV is the only TVs built all the way for the outdoors environment. This makes them the true outdoor TVs for superior brightness and excellent weather resistant. They can resist dirt, insects, rain, snow, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. It delivers a safe, worry-free TV that you can watch anywhere, anytime in spite of the weather conditions.

6. Mirage Vision The World’s Thinnest Outdoor LED TV

This outdoor LED HDTV is also the thinnest one at 1-inch deep. It fits perfectly in any outdoor environment be it your patio, outdoor living room or the yacht. It is modified for the US market and has a full replacement guarantee, so you don’t have to worry. These brands will give you the best in technology and are available in sizes ranging from 22 to 84-inch displays. All the interior components are covered with a special silicone sealant to protect them from bugs, debris, and moisture. A membrane covers all the vents and allows heat to escape but does not allow moisture in.

7. The TV Shield Pro 65-70″ Outdoor Weatherproof TV

Get this shield for TVs of 65 to 70 inches to protect them from the weather. Choose whatever technology and feature you want on your TV for the most enjoyment. The 5-year warranty ensures your peace of mind as you use the protection. The powder-coated aluminum housing is durable and lightweight and ensures that you use the product for years.

It features three thermostatically controlled fans and a filtered ventilation system. These protect the TV from harsh environmental threats like salt water, salt air, and extreme temperatures. The front shield is shatter-resistant and is also anti-glare for the best display experience when watching a show or movie.

8. 50″ SEALOC 4K Series Outdoor TV

If you are an outdoors person, this is the TV to serve you best. It is rebuilt and includes a Nano-coating to protect its insides and outsides from all the weather elements like humidity, moisture, salt corrosion, and extreme temperatures. Its picture output is also calibrated for outdoors environment to deliver the best experience for your viewing. It features built-in speakers to handle the noisy outdoors environment and Ultra HD screens for the perfect picture.

9. Mirage Vision 55” Thinnest Outdoor LED TV

This LED HDTV is redone to make it weather resilient. A special silicone sealant oats all components to protect them from the weather elements like moisture, dust, and rain. A proprietary membrane is then applied to all the vents to keep moisture out, but allow heat to escape.

You can use this TV without any worries since it comes with a full replacement guarantee. It is available in sizes ranging from 22 to 84-inch displays offering you a wide choice to cover your budget. All its cables are weatherproof, the remote and controls are all protected from the weather.

10. Apollo Enclosures Outdoor TV Enclosure for 50-55″ LED/LCD Televisions

With this enclosure, your 50 to 55-inch TV can survive the outdoors environment. It gives the TV maximum weather protection but allows you to enjoy clear, sharp pictures in your outdoor environment. The anti-reflective safety glass gives the best view, protects the TV screen.

It has a temperature-controlled and filtered airflow system to give the TV protection from harsh temperatures. The aluminum construction has powder-coating to enhance its durability even in the harsh weather. It has watertight cable covers, an outdoor rated power cord, and weatherproof dual arm wall mount.

Buying guide for outdoor TVs

Types of Outdoor TVs:

  • Outdoor Smart TV: These types can directly connect to the internet. Most of them can access apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video among others. Enjoy streaming services through the Wi-Fi enabled TVs through the built-in interfaces.
  • Outdoor LED LCD TV: LED TVs have excellent displays as they can turn off some of the backlights when the scene has high contrasting colors or very bright scenes. The flat panel LED displays are thinner than the standard LCDs and have better color and contrasts. They have improved brightness and contrast levels for clearer images than LCD TVs.
  • Outdoor 4K Ultra HD TV: Also referred to as Ultra high definition, this display type is four times the detail of 1080p. It is the most detailed TV resolution available. It delivers sharp images and smooth lines for an excellent display.
  • To buy an outdoor TV, moat buyers begin with research to find out the main differences between outdoor TV and the regular indoors TVs. You then go to the brands that offer weatherproof models, and then consider the benefits, features, and pricing before making the decision. Before you invest in an outdoor television, go through this buyers guide to get acquainted with the basic things to note.

    Do Your Research

    Only a few companies offer outdoor TVs. It is crucial that you research about the companies first and the different models they have on offer. Read as many customer reviews as you can know what others say about their experience with the various models.

    Your Environment

    Outdoors TVs can fit a variety of places. Some use them on patios, by the pool, and on boats. Consider the amount of sunlight it will be exposed to. The more the sunlight, the brighter the LEDs you will require. It will also require a cooling system since the sun can make it too hot. Also, consider the dimensions that will fit your environment before purchasing the outdoors TV. The TV is best mounted in a protected area and not in direct sunlight. Give it the most protection even if it is rated weatherproof.

    Fan Cooling

    When choosing your TV from the many, consider one with cooling fans. TVs, just like other electronics, will overheat in the sun. Buying one equipped with the cooling fans will protect it from the heat. If you will keep the TV in the sun for long hours, then this is crucial if you want it to serve you longer.


    The TVs brightness is an essential factor when buying a new one. The sun’s rays can make it difficult for one to see the display if it is not so bright. The outdoor TV should have between 500 and 700-nit display. An average indoors TV will give a washed display, hence the importance of better brightness.


    The right outdoors TV should be clear if you want the best display experience. The pixel resolution of the TV is crucial. Go for a resolution of 1080p to give you excellent clarity to enjoy your movie or game on the outdoor TV. Anything lower, like 720p, will give you poor clarity.


    To enhance your outdoor space, consider the color of the TV. It can make a huge impact on your outdoor environment. Most manufacturers offer limited options which are black, white and gray. Some, however, offer Sandstone, Satin Black, Terra copper, Slate Gray, Patriot Blue, Hunter Green, Mint Green, and Dark Brown among others.


    It can get so loud and distracting in the outdoors. This calls for excellent sound quality if you are to enjoy what is on the outdoors TV. There is a lot of noise outside than the normal indoors TV cannot help. The TV requires a loud and clear speaker system with up to 150 watts. This will make it possible for you and your guests to hear the movie or show clearly.

    Waterproof vs. water-resistant

    Many people take these two terms to mean the same thing, but they mean very different things. A waterproof outdoor TV is impervious to water and can even operate when submerged in water. Water resistant TV, on the other hand, can resist water intrusion to some degree but cannot be submerged. Also, make sure the remote is also waterproof before purchasing.

    Mount type

    A full-mount is usually the best one for an outdoor TV since it allows for a wide range of viewing areas. It also places fewer limitations on where to place the outdoors TV. Make sure the mount is also weatherproof. Using a regular mount can result in failure in extreme temperatures and can easily rust in response to the environment you place it.


    Everything about an outdoor TV should be weatherproof including the cables. Check the power, TV, and data cables to ensure everything will withstand the effects of the weather.


Experience watching your favorite movies on the latest TVs that can withstand the outdoors environment. No need to cram yourself indoors yet you can enjoy the game or movie with friend and family outside. Save money by watching movies at home with friends on the patio or by the pool with all the freedom of space. Nothing is more enjoyable like watching TV in the outdoors. No matter the model you choose, the best outdoors TVs bring movies to life in the wonderful outdoors environment. This guide will help you pick the right one for your needs. As long as you know the features you need, you will get the best TV for your purposes.

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