Top 10 Best Rain Gauges in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

Using the best rain gauge will ensure you get accurate results. A rain gauge is a crucial instrument for garden care as it measures the level of precipitation in our area. When you know the level of rainfall, you can then decide whether to irrigate or hold on. Also, the amount of rain can tell you what to expect, a storm, flood or light showers.

Some rain gauges will keep historical data for months to help you make decisions. Others have temperature gauges to make them multifunction weather instruments. Then there are those that self-empty to continue measuring for increased accuracy. Would you not desire to be a self-made backyard weather expert?

List of The 10 Best Rain Gauges in 2024.

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10 Best Rain Gauges Reviews By Consumer Reports.

1. Taylor Jumbo Jr. 20″ Easy-Read Rain Gauge

This rain gauge is easy to read and can measure up to 5 inches of rainfall with great accuracy. It is a perfect addition to your home or garden instruments. Any weather enthusiast will love the rain gauge. For precise and bold rainfall measurements, this is the product to buy. You can read it from as far as 50 feet away and is easy to install in minutes.

2. AcuRite Magnifying Rain Gauge

Mix fun with accuracy when you choose this rain gauge. As it fills with water, the numbers on the gauge get magnified by over 35% to enhance readability. It has a 5-inch rain capacity and. You can mount this rain gauge to a post or stake it in the ground. It’s constructed with durable weather resistant material and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

3. Toland Home Garden Decorative Rain Gauge

Accidents do happen, and this should not make your rain gauge unusable. This replacement udometer glass can come to your aid. The rain collection tube replacement is a convenient solution to many Toland Home gauges. They are available in clear and amber glasses for your preference.

4. Stratus Precision Rain Gauge

You do not have to be a meteorologist to have fun measuring rainfall in your backyard. It is perfect for everyone and is a great teaching tool for kids. It helps you keep track of rainfall to guide you on when to water the lawn. Without any skill, get in to easily and accurately measure the rainfall, sleet, hail, and snow in your area. Its construction is heavy duty to withstand years of use in full weather conditions without corroding or fading.

5. AcuRite 00899 Deluxe Wireless Rain Gauge

We all need up-to-date and accurate weather information. This is possible first hand from your backyard using this rain gauge. The self-emptying wireless rain gauge is everything you desire in reliability and style. Monitor the results from the LCD right from the house. It stores records and can alert you when it begins to rain and when flooding is possible. It features a clock and calendar and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

6. La Crosse Technology 705-109 Waterfall Rain Gauge

Enhance the look of your garden with this wonderful rain gauge. It features a cascading waterfall and measures rainfall with clear large display output. Its red floating level adds to the beauty and increases the distance from which you can read the gauge. Mount it on a fence, railing or deck at the right height for easy reading and emptying. It measures up to 6 inches and has large display digits for easy reading. The plastic material is durable making it last longer.

7. SPIRain Gauge Glass Replacement

Rain gauges get broken at times from accidents or when animals crush them when playing. This should not render your instrument unusable. Just buy a replacement glass and continue collecting rainfall measurements.

8. OutdoorHomeRAIN GAUGE

Experience the convenience and accuracy of this high-quality rain gauge. It is made to withstand the scorching sun and frost for years. The material will not crack or discolor due to weather effects. It is made to collect up to 6 inches of rainfall, therefore, handling even large rain pours.

9. B & L Industries Jumbo Rain-Gauge

Without a reliable rain gauge, you will not be sure when it is time to prepare for the floods or start irrigating your lawn. This jumbo rain gauge will measure precipitation in your area with precision to help you make decisions. Its red float and large numbers make it easy to read even from a distance. The green ends of the clear tube blends perfectly with your outdoor environment. It has a plastic hanger for mounting and stand at 26 inches tall.

10. La Crosse Technology Wireless Rain Gauge with Thermometer

This wireless, self-emptying rain gauge takes rainfall measurements to a new level. You do not have to go out to read it. The LCD unit will show you all you need right from inside the house. It can store historical records going back several months to help you study the trends. Monitor your temperature and displays time in addition to indicating the signal strength.


Measuring the rainfall in your area is both fun and educational. Apart from its functional benefits for those who do gardening and farming, the rain gauge helps you track the amount of rainfall. This helps in keeping abreast of the weather and prepare for floods or drought. There are so many rain gauge brands on the market making it difficult to pick the best for your needs. However, with this guide, the task is easier.

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