Top 10 Best Survival Knives Reviews in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are lost in the wilderness what survival knife would you need to get through this ordeal? Outdoor activities are enjoyable. But imagine one day you go fishing, camping or even hunting and the situation turns into a survival one. Either the weather becomes extremely foul, or temperatures drop, and you are far away from your camp or shelter. What will you do? Many people tend to panic. And according to statistics, every year individuals die from hypothermia or have frostbite.

In such cases, a survival knife will be of great help. Note that we are not talking of a knife to kill a lion for food or scare zombies. The kind of knife we are discussing here is one which’ll help you cut firewood and start a fire, clean fish, open cans and dress wounds among other things. Survival knives are not pieces of jewelry. They are the third most important thing to have after water and food when going outdoors.

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10 Best Survival Knives Table in 2024

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1. Schrade SCHF9

If you are really in a survival situation, you don’t need a fancy knife. All you need is a functional and reliable one, which can handle all the difficult tasks required to make it through the situation. And that description best fits this Schrade knife.

It comes with a firmly fixed 6.4 inches and coated 1095 high carbon steel blade which makes it durable and versatile. It will require one to do something unusual for the blade to lose its edge. You can use this knife to split woods or cut ropes, and the blades will remain as sharp as it first came. At no one point will the blade slip because of the security of the front quillon, thumb jimping, and finger choil.

The TP handle gives the knife a firm grip. And its material makes it possible to withstand wear. Plus, it makes it easy to grip whether your hands are wet or dry and even when you are wearing gloves. The Schrade knife also comes with a ballistic belt sheath with a storage pouch which can be removed hence making it convenient to carry around.

Take this knife with a full tang design and a lanyard hole with you and watch how easy you’ll get out of survival situations in the wilderness.


  • 12.1 inches overall length
  • 15.7 inches total weight
  • 1095 high carbon steel blade
  • Ring textured thermoplastic elastomer handle
  • Ballistic sheath

2. Rambo II MC-RB2

Have you ever visualized yourself as a Rambo? Then you need this officially licensed Rambo II knife in your hands. Rambo makes incredible knives, and while this model is said to be a hunting knife, it can do more than that thanks to the two-sided blade.

The lower edge of the blade is smooth but overly sharp while the upper side is serrated best for cutting through hardwoods. The blade will still be sharp even after a long time of use. If class is your thing, you should get this beautifully designed knife which you’ll for sure enjoy working with.
It comes with a sturdy handle made from wear resistant and high strength material. It perfectly grips on your hands and won’t leave them even if you are handling difficult tasks. To avoid sores, it’ll be a good idea to wear gloves. This model is among the most affordable in the market today.


  • 15.38-inch length
  • Officially licensed knife
  • High Performance
  • Built from high-quality materials
  • Versatile
  • High strength handles

3. Benchmade Steep Country 15008

In addition to a stiff handle that offers unmatchable flexibility with high strength and resistance, this product has its blade made of steel which makes it a perfect match for durability. Although the knife may look small, don’t underestimate the work it can do. Survivors can use it for cutting kindling, firewood and bandages, opening cans as well as cleaning fish and all other activities you can imagine.

Some of the pointers of this knife include:

  • Perfectly balanced steel blade
  • Santoprene handle for resistance
  • Full tang knife
  • Kydex sheath that is long lasting
  • A lifetime guarantee

Although this model was designed specifically for hunting, it has a variety of features that make it versatile. The blades have superb cutting edges, and because they are coated with steel, it makes the knife an excellent choice for humid conditions.

We love this knife because it has a simple design that makes washing it to be easy. Not to mention the sheath offers multiple positions of carrying it. If you are shopping for a hunting knife, you have nothing to lose when you decide to try this one. And if you aren’t satisfied, you can always get money refunded. And should the knife get blunt (which is unlikely) or needs to be repaired, Benchmade will take care of that.

4. Bushmater United Cutlery

Everyone is not that lucky to let hundreds of dollars out of their pockets for a knife. When you are short of cash and want a survival cutting tool, don’t look further than Bushmater United model.

Bushmater is popularly known for designing affordable but high-quality tools. So you don’t expect this model to be anything less than well-built and versatile. The razor sharp blades are coated with steel. Don’t be surprised to be passing it down to your generation as it is very long lasting.

The blades are easy to sharpen, and one of the edges is serrated that makes it best for cutting hard substances. This product features a very uniquely designed handle that comes with a survival kit to guard your hands. Sewing needles, surgical blades, band-aids, and fish hooks are among the things that are included in the package. Into the butt cap of the knife, you’ll find a precision compass, and the serrations are a clear indication that the knife was made with a military mindset.

Some notable points of this model:

  • 10-inch razor blade
  • Black cast metal handle
  • Survival kit
  • Precision compass
  • Stainless steel blade

5. Tops B.O.B

The top B.O.B knife is a force to be reckoned with. The model made and designed by the B.O.B (Brothers of Bushcraft) boast of many useful features for survival needs. To begin with, the knife has a 41/2 blade length and a handle made of olive green linen micarta, which makes it a big deal. No owner of this knife will ever worry about its durability or versatility. The model, as long as proper maintenance measures are adhered, will last for quite a long time.

The knife may keep a slim profile, but it is 10 inches and has its blade coated with carbon steel. The handle’s material also protects your hands when handling heavy tasks. If you are thinking of going to hunt, carry this tool with you.


  • 10 inches long
  • Blades are 41/2 inches long
  • Plain edge drop point blade with a coyote finishing
  • Blades have high carbon steel coating and a thickness of 2/16 inches
  • Handles are 51/2 inches long

6. ESEE Knives Izula

When it comes to cutting tools, ESEE don’t joke. And you expect nothing less than satisfaction from this model. There are so many extraordinary features that this knife has, all which makes it perfect for surviving in the wilderness.

To begin with, the model comes with a fixed blade of approximately 2.9″ and a plastic sheath suitable for all weather conditions. The knife is by far classic and has a beautiful design. For those who prefer a model that’s not too heavy, classy and can perform all the hunting tasks, you got one-the ESEE Izula.

It is lightweight with a beautiful color. The design of the handle doesn’t make it just functional but also easy to carry around. Some of the things we love about this product are:

  • The blade is coated with 1095 Carbon steel and a desert tan finishing
  • A convenient length of 6.25″
  • Plastic sheath
  • Flexible handle
  • Manageable weight

7. Schrade SCHF36 Frontier

Another incredible product from Scharde. Hunting, camping, and fishing cannot get better without this cutting tool. This is literally one of the strongest knives. Ten inches is a perfect size for carrying it with you. Featuring a 5″ fixed blade made from stainless steel and a TPE handle combined with a sheath made from polyester makes this full tang knife a must-have tool for outdoor bushcraft and camping.

Here are the specs:

  • Sheath: Polyester
  • Blade type: fixed
  • Length of the blade: 5″
  • Overall length: 10″
  • Handle Material: thermoplastic and elastomer

With the security of the finger choil and jimping, it is highly unlikely that the blade will slip away from your hands. Not to mention the black ringed handle will protect your hands from bruises that are caused by handling hard tasks. This Schrade’s survival knife features a Ferro rod, a sharpening stone, and a lanyard hole just so that you are prepared.

8. SOG GB1001

Perhaps you may need a knife but don’t want to invest so much on it. If you are that person, this one of a kind tool should attract your attention. From a hard nylon sheath to a comfortable handle that firmly grips your hand, this knife will make your stay in the woods as easy as it gets.


  • Sheath with adjustable clip
  • Handled is reinforced with glass
  • The knife is 7.3 inches long with 2.6-inch blades
  • Satin finish on the blades
  • This model is lightweight, and it’s comfortable in both forward and reverse grip.

9. ESEE Knives 3P

ESEE prides themselves as an award-winning knife company. The ESEE 3p knife is one of the best survival ones in the market. The model by itself is a beauty. It has a long handle that grips just fine and ensures that you remain comfortable when working with it. Also featuring a molded sheath and a blade finish of venom green makes this model a must-have tool.

More details on the ESEE full tang knife:

  • Overall Length: 8.19″
  • Blade Length: 3.875″
  • Blade Material: 1095 Steel
  • Sheath: Hard Plastic

10. Morankiv Bushcraft

Most of the survival knives are expensive. And if people knew in advance that they are going to need a survival knife, they’ll start saving for the pay early. But if you are in a situation where you urgently need a survival cutting tool without spending a lot of fortune on it you need to buy this Morankiv model.

The affordability and high quality aren’t’ the only reasons why we are recommending this heavy duty knife. It is also well built and versatile, and we can bet that you’ll not be disappointed.

The drop point blade maybe shorter but it can correctly do the cutting job for you. Since it is made from steel, you are assured that it is durable.


  • 3.2 mm fixed blade
  • 0.12 blade thickness
  • Ergonomic high friction rubber handles
  • Plastic sheath

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Survival Knife

When picking a knife for survival, the most important things to consider are your needs, uses, and budgets. Here are some other things to have in mind as well.

1. Design of the Blade

It determines what the knife should be used for. Survival knives have three types of blades: clip points, spear points and drop points. These three designs help position the blade closer to the center line so that you have great control.

2. Fixed or Folding Blade

A fixed knife doesn’t have an additional breakpoint. But it’ll not be suitable for someone who carries it every day. On the other hand, a foldable knife is easy to carry but can break easily.

3. The Cutting Edge Design

Straight cutting edges are suitable for general cutting purposes. However, there are those knives with serrated edges which makes them excellent for cutting hard substances.

4. Length of the Blade

8 to 10 inches blade lengths are efficient for chopping and splitting. Whereas knives whose blade lengths range from 3.5-5″ are best for gutting fish, skinning small game animals and slicing up rots.


Survival knives are literally intended for people who find themselves in survival situations. These tools are best for hunters, backpackers, rangers and you as a casual camper or a once in a while mountaineer. Even though knife laws vary from state to state, these versatile tools are legal in at least most places. If you think that you’ll need to have them in future, it is better you start saving early to purchase the best of quality. However, someone who urgently needs one can check from our list and pick one that suits their budget.