Top 10 Best Cholesterol Test Kits in 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

High cholesterol is a major cause of heart attacks and strokes. It is crucial to know the level of cholesterol in your body so that you can be able to control it. This is done by a Lab test at the hospital, and lately, there are cholesterol test kits that have been introduced on the market for home use.

Why should you go for the cholesterol test kits on this article?

Due to the variety of cholesterol kits on the market, we have researched on the top ten. These test kits are listed below. They will give you fantastic service that will not disappoint you. This will help you keep track of your cholesterol levels while at your home. You no longer have to visit the hospital often for that test.

What to look for when buying a cholesterol test kit?

These products are very sensitive since they give you results that determine the changes that need to be introduced in our everyday lives. It is important to consider the quality, reliability, accuracy, price, and expiry date.

10 Best Cholesterol Test Kits in 2024

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1. Cardio Chek Starter Cholesterol Analyzer kit with cholesterol test strips by PTS panels

It does what it promises to do. It is well contrasted to make it more efficient and also reliable. The cholesterol kit uses the strips that come with the package. This allows it to give results that are consistent and accurate.

  • Provide an easy way to keep your cholesterol levels in track
  • Give accurate readings
  • It comes in a small size that is easy to carry
  • Expensive
  • The expiration dates of the strips should be considered.

2. CardioCheck Blood Testing Device Kit

It can test for cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglyceride at the comfort of their home or office. The results from this product are very accurate and therefore give a correct assessment of the level tested. This is because they are not underrated or overrated.

  • It delivers fast results in less than 5 minutes per strip
  • It has been designed for home use
  • It comes at a high price

3. Active1st Bayer Contour Diabetic Testing Kit

This package is perfect for people who want to keep track of their glucose levels. It comes packed with test strips, control solution, lancets, lancing device, log book and manual. The user can be able to keep track of his/her records quickly.

  • The kit has a longer expiration date thus can be used for a long time
  • It offers 100 test strips with the package
  • Very accurate
  • It delivers results very fast
  • The price is high

4. OWell Bayer Contour Diabetes Blood Glucose Testing Kit

The kit comes complete with the testing device and the test strips needed for the blood sample. The testing kit features high-quality products that are durable. The user does not get strips that are already expired.

  • It is cheap
  • It has a carrying case for storage
  • Easy to use
  • It gives results in just minutes
  • The test strips that come with it only work with Bayer Contour meter
  • It should be kept away from kids since it has sharp parts.

5. Cardio Chek Refill Cholesterol Kit

It comes with six cholesterol test strips, HDL test strips, triglyceride strips, 18 lancets, and capillaries. They come at a budget-friendly price. These strips are used to collect blood sample that is read by the device.

  • They come in a comfortable size that fits the blood sample that is collected for testing
  • They offer the user everything that is needed for testing cholesterol, HDL, and triglyceride.
  • The customer needs to be keen on the expiry date of the test strips for accuracy
  • The user has to incur another cost to buy the testing device that is compatible with the strips.

6. CardioChek Cholesterol Testing Starter Kit by bio scanner

The kit comes with strips that help in measuring the levels of cholesterol and LDL. The user gets HDL test strips, cholesterol test strips, pipettes, lancets, and triglyceride test strips. The test strips work as expected. They are also easy to use since the user gets a guideline of what to do.

  • Very affordable price
  • The strips are east to use to get results.
  • You have to buy the testing device to use with the strips separately

7. PRIMA Cholesterol and Triglycerides 2 in 1 Home Test/Meter Kit

This package offers the user two test which includes that of cholesterol level and triglycerides. The kit comes fully equipped to help the user perform the test quickly. It comes powered by two lithium batteries that are very durable.

  • It is smaller thus east to carry around
  • It gives results faster
  • It requires less blood unlike other test kits
  • It is cheap
  • The results are not very accurate

8. 4 Essential Thyroid Hormone Profile – Blood Spot Home Test Kit (TSH, fT3, fT4, TPO)

It used by men and women. The kit comes with that ability to test these hormones fT4, fT3, TSH, and TPO. It is perfect for use by people who are above 50 years. These allow them to keep track of their whole biochemical processes in the body.

  • Safe to use at home
  • It is for male and females of any age
  • It is easy to use and also read
  • It is high

9. Cholestrak Total Cholesterol Home Testing Kit

This kit is perfect when it comes to early detection of high cholesterol levels. This allows the user to develop a good way to deal with the issue before it’s too late. It comes with a guideline on how to use it. The results of this device are 97% accurate.

  • It gives results in just minutes
  • It is very easy to use
  • Reliable
  • It should not be used by hemophiliacs and people taking blood thinners.

10. CardioChek PA Portable Blood Test System 1 ea

It is a professional kit that is used to analyze cholesterol. It uses the single panel and also multiple panel test strips. It gives very accurate results when compared with a Lab blood test. It makes it easy to test for cholesterol at the comfort of your home. This will guide you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • It is accurate
  • It is highly recommended by professionals.
  • The display is visible
  • It is very expensive
  • The test strips are sold separately

We have listed ten test kits that will meet your needs. We have not exaggerated the features of the products. The advantages and disadvantages of the units have been clearly spelled out to help you in decision making. Some are affordable while for others you have to be ready to spend some money to get them.

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